OTL 101 – Post 1. Pamela Gurney

My favourite vacation spot is anywhere there is family. The last novel I read was The Brain that Changes Itself by Norman Doidge. The book presented concepts such as neuroplasticity, strategies that help the brain rewire itself, and interventions which can help adults and children. It is a fascinating book which every educator should read!

The first quality of online learning is an excellent curriculum. The objectives of the curriculum should align with the lessons and assessments. Another quality is having a true presence of an online instructor, which means having someone who can facilitate discussion. A third quality is designing a learning environment which is conducive and flexible for a student who may hold full time work on the side.

One thing I have learned about teaching online is that responding to students’ posts is critical. Based on student feedback, Candidates appreciate instructors who respond and provide praise to their posts. As such, my practice is to respond to Candidates’ posts in a timely manner and ensure that I find the good in their work.

For now, I don’t have any questions about online teaching and learning. However, as these courses progress, I am sure that I will have questions to ask!