OTL 301 Post 5


Upon reflection, I’m quite surprised that I went through the critical inquiry process. This course instigated the triggering event by having me elicit my background knowledge and past experiences. This was my buy-in. The exploration phase occurred when new definitions, terms, and even technological problems were experienced. These problems pushed me out of my comfort zone and I had to find the explanations and in some cases, use information from peer reviewed articles. Once I understood the concepts, I began to realize how the course’s ideas could be implemented for future elearning courses, and it was my a-ha moment! Once this comfort level was achieved, I resolved to try new things. I’m glad this course had me try diverse technology (e.g. audiorecordings, and video recordings) of which I’m not particularly fond but realize the importance of it. I also realize how appreciative students would be if instructors, including myself, were to use such technology! To have my students engage in the inquiry process, I would create a well designed activity to engage students and produce positive results. Then, I would pose a case study to help elicit a search for relevant information. Then, I would give students options of how they can present their ideas in an organized manner. This would bring students to the resolution phase where discussions and confirmations from students and the instructor would take place. The entire process would be facilitated by me where I would motivate, ask questions, and respond to posts.  I can definitely say that working through this course in WordPress encouraged my reflective learning. Thank you for these well thought out activities!